May 30, 2020
pork and beans

Try This Yummy Ten Minute Meal For Fat Loss

Very Quick and Easy To Make

You know, I’m not a fan of making meals that take more than a few minutes. I rarely make complicated meals, not even on special days like Christmas or Easter or similar.

This meal I’m going to share with you takes only 10 minutes to prepare from scratch.

And it’s nutritious and tasty. Just the way I like it.

So, here we go.


a tin of tuna steak in oil

  1. a handful of mixed salad leaves
  2. a handful of thinly diced onions
  3. a table spoon or two of canned beans (any beans of your choice)
  4. salt to taste


Mix all to a larger bowl. And it’s ready to eat!

Here’s a photo of the meal I made.

Ha! It might look too green to be yummy. Whenever my mum claimed a meal was delicious, I was always suspicious if it looked too green.

But trust me, this one tastes yummy even though it looks very green. 🙂

Variations and Additions

  1. If you don’t have some salad leaves ready, just replace them with thinly diced tomatoes.
  2. You can add a handful of diced tomatoes to the above ingredients.
  3. You can add a handful of pine nuts to give the dish more nutrients and more bulk.

Final Thoughts

If you use tuna in water, add a table spoon or two of olive oil or hemp oil to the salad.

I usually use tuna in oil. That lets me use the oil in the salad instead of draining it away. If you use tuna in water, drain the water. Otherwise, it’ll make the salad soggy.

If you’re not sure about what kinds of canned tuna is the most healthy, check out What Tins Of Tuna Should You Choose For Your Simple Paleo Meal on this page.

Enjoy your meal. 🙂