July 7, 2020

The Only 3 Arm Exercises You Need To Get Rid Of Those “Bingo Wings”


Sure, there’s plenty of arm exercises you can do. Quite a lot of them are actually good.

But, like many things in life, having so many choices isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Quite often they just waste time. Especially if you (like me) tend to choose something only after carefully considering all other available choices. And very often, in the end, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference which one you choose.

Another danger of having so many exercises is that you might end up doing one after another and not sticking with one long enough to really see the effect.

For these reasons, I sometimes tend to opt for limited choices.

That often gives me the result I want.

Life is too short to try everything. Just stick with a few things and make the best use of them. Be like a postage stamp and stick with one thing till you get there.

Anyway, enough philosophy for today …

I wouldn’t want to turn into one of those boring people who talk and talk on and on without the faintest idea whether people are really interested in what they’re saying.

Anyway, just do these 3 simple arm exercises and you’ll get your arms in nice shape. No “bingo wings” or “bat wings.”

(What cute names people have come up with!)

But remember, you also need to eat healthy to really get rid of extra fat on your body. Otherwise, these exercises will only strengthen your arms without getting rid of that extra flab.

Here they are …

Plain Old Push Ups

Eh! I know a lot of people who hate push ups. But it’s probably the best and simplest exercise you can do for your arms. In fact, not just your arms, it’s great for your whole body too.

If you don’t do any other exercises for your ams, just do push ups. Your arms will develop a nice shape. So, this is the single most important exercise.

You probably already know how to do it. But in case you don’t, here’s a video.

Just remember to keep your stomach tight and your body straight while you’re doing it.

If you’re not strong enough to do push ups on the floor yet, try this exercise technique to build up strength gradually.

Chair Dips

This move targets the back of your arms (triceps). All you need is a chair. See the video below.

Basically you just lift your body up with your arms. Don’t push with your legs.

As your arms get stronger, make the exercise harder in 3 different ways, as detailed on this page.

Inverted Rows

Great for your back muscles too.

If you’re not strong enough yet, bend your knees.

You can find more detailed instructions of how to gradually build up strength with this exercise on this page.

There you go. Just stick with these 3 arm exercises if you want to keep things simple. No need to do countless different exercises for your arms.

Your arms will look toned and shapely.

Good luck!