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Is there a health benefit to having sex?

Sex may have a positive effect on various areas of a person’s mental and physical health. It’s important to remember that some research is obsolete, and not every advantage applies to everyone.

Sexual intercourse has been shown to have several other benefits besides procreation, according to scientific studies. In some cases, these benefits include preserving heart health, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing immunity.

Additionally, having sex can positively affect one’s emotions, relationships, and mental health.

Our focus here is on the physical health advantages of sex rather than the emotional side of sexual activity.

Helping the heart

Having sex with a partner protects against cardiovascular disease, particularly in women.

Sexual activity with a regular partner has been shown in a 2016 study to provide health benefits.

Sexually active women were shown to have a lower risk of cardiac problems later in life.

However, high amounts of sexual activity may raise a man’s risk of heart attack or stroke, according to the study’s findings. Further research is needed to confirm this risk, as this finding is at odds with most previous studies.

Both men and women should consult a doctor with heart issues to determine how much sex is safe. For this reason, they need to disclose how often and intensely they engage in sexual activity, as it could further strain their hearts.

Blood pressure can be lowered.

Blood pressure was another metric of heart health in the same 2016 study. Researchers discovered a link between lower blood pressure in older women and their happiness with their sex life.

Study authors found no evidence of this in older males, though.

Both libido and a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection can be affected by high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

Taking high blood pressure medication can also lower a person’s libido.

A trusted source might cause erectile dysfunction.

Despite the lack of evidence to the contrary, blood pressure and sexual health may be linked.

Sexual intimacy is a source of anxiety for many persons with hypertension or high blood pressure.

Having sex with high blood pressure is generally safe, but it is always a good idea to consult a doctor first.

You may be able to go to your doctor and get a different prescription or dosage if your hypertension medication is interfering with your ability to have sex.

Strengthening the body’s defenses

Regular intercourse has been shown to boost the immune system, according to early studies.

Immunoglobin A (IgA) levels were higher in persons who engaged in frequent intercourse, defined as one to two times per week, than in those who did not. This antibody is found in mucosal tissue, including salivary glands, nose, and vaginal tissue.

While the study was published in 2004, researchers haven’t revisited it. The outcomes of a new study could be very different.

Women who were sexually active or not were studied in a more recent study to examine if their immune systems differed from those who were not.

These women were tested at various stages of their menstrual cycle to see how effective their immune systems were at killing different pathogenic germs.

More research is needed before drawing any firm conclusions, even if this study’s findings imply there may be some variations between the groups.

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