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How to maintain fitness

Rely only on reliable sources of information.

There’s a lot of noise in the news world. Unfortunately, the news media often flourishes because of our fears. If you need to check how the world is dealing with the pandemic, read reliable sources. For example, the World Health Organization. Every day there are situation reports updated on their website.

Do not try to attend all free webinars.

There is a temptation to keep performances to be busy and productive. It’s more common for the corporate world, but if you’re not used to working from home as an entrepreneur, you can feel something similar. In return, it can force you to say “yes” to an unwieldy number of free webinars and workouts or conversations with peers.

You get tired and it’s possible you don’t get much out of it. There are too many offers at the moment and many of them are brand new, so it’s hard to say which ones are of high quality and which ones are not.

Learn and update your skills.

Having extra time on your hands can be an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge. This will allow you to keep your brain trained and get new ideas. Courses, professional certifications, micro masters from the leading universities are available on a few platforms.

My personal favorite is It allows you to make the courses completely free (unless you need a certificate). It’s a great way to find out what students learn at Harvard, MIT and many other world-class institutions.

Remove distractions and reflect.

We live a unique moment in history. It is clear that the health sector, food, logistics and education will continue to be important. Everything else is in doubt. So if your business falls into the category of “in question”, this is a good time to rest. Mute your phone and unsubscribe from newsletters you never open.

You’ve accomplished many things in your life. Usually we’re all so busy that we don’t have time to appreciate it. Now we get the chance to reflect on them. So maybe instead of working social media for your company brand, you can build your own personal portfolio as a professional or expert. If something will be valid after this crisis, it is yourself. I recommend a recent video in which Anirvan Sen, one of the experts at the think tank Alter Contacts I was a part of, shared his insight into how to build a “You” brand.

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