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How to keep mental health and entrepreneurship on time

Stay connected via video calls, telemedicine and social media

“While our personal community is limited, there is no shortage of like-minded people out there,” Dr. McDermott urges. “Social media has proven to be a great place to build a community and be inspired. Influencers and writers focused on mental health have motivated the public with attentive messages during this challenging time.”

Video calling is also a great way to keep your team connected and not feel isolated. New research from the Well Being Trust says pandemic stress can lead to an increase in depression-related suicides or drug use. Dr McDermott urges everyone to seek professional help through telemedicine to prevent suicide. Family members and friends should also keep an eye on their beloved mental health to identify early signals.

“We need to encourage people to love and embrace themselves,” Dr. McDermott said. “Consciousness, self-love and altruism are an integral part of the ability to take humanity from crisis to stabilization to thrive.”

Create a schedule and stick to it

Understanding that we can plan all activities that affect our health means we have more control over how we feel as long as we stick to it. Plan your workout and don’t cancel. The time you block is the time you give yourself. Make it a priority. Instructional videos on Instagram about the well-being of the body and mind can be a good source of motivation. This is what I personally do to stay on track.

This new normal can mean a future where we take better care of ourselves, and it is important when it comes to protecting against stress and illness. We must continue to see quarantine as a time when we can rethink our habits and change them in ways that help us feel better. And what could be more important than getting involved with ourselves?

Rely only on reliable sources of information.

There’s a lot of noise in the news world. Unfortunately, the news media often flourishes because of our fears. If you need to control how the world handles the pandemic, read reliable sources. For example, the World Health Organization. Every day, status reports are updated on their website.

Remember when you were a school kid who wishes every day that there would be a miracle and that you didn’t have to go to school? In warmer places, a single snowfall would have been enough. I grew up in northern Russia, where the miracle was called quarantine. About three students from the same class on flu in winter, all in this class were able to stay home for a week. If more than three classes at the school were at home, the school would also be closed. For me, it meant two or three weeks of unplanned vacation! Then I couldn’t imagine the whole world being quarantined 20 years later, and that wouldn’t be fun at all.

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